Tales of Quahnarren: Beyond the Morning Mountains

Tales of Quahnarren: Beyond the Morning Mountains is a solo fantasy adventure gamebook – part story, part game. Beginning your journey from central Quahnarren (pronounced Kär’närren), you will travel over the Morning Mountains to the south-eastern town of Liust, where you will commence a new working life. There are many paths to take across this remarkable land and along the way you will encounter a wide variety of friendly people, unwelcoming opponents and fearsomely wild creatures. Your adventure will present many challenges and difficulties, testing your decision-making skills, personal abilities, experience and health.

Volume One of Beyond the Morning Mountains will see you travelling from your home near Ustahm down to the major city of Balquis; Volume Two completing your long adventure by taking you over the Morning Mountains to Liust.

An ambitious new entry in the fantasy gamebook genre, this first book in an ongoing series of adventures exploring the Quahnarren continent features:

  • 400 pages
  • 1000 sections
  • 46 full-page illustrations
  • 3 detailed location maps
  • more than 40 spot illustrations
  • 12-page ‘Creature Compendium’
  • articles and short stories about Quahnarren


Žánr: gamebook, fantasy
Autor: Michael Reilly
Překlad: Vojta Žák
Ilustrace: Isbn:
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