Scythe-Bearer: Malice From the Middle Vale

For as long as you can remember you have toiled on your father's farm while dreaming of heroic deeds, exciting adventures and distant lands far beyond the borders of the civilized kingdom of the Angle.

The day finally arrives and at last you can leave behind the mundane duties of the farmhand. You strike out in search of freedom and adventure. But adventure is already coming!

Malice Varicella-Zoster - the Irgin Crone of Gungingeth - and her coven of witches intend to wreak havoc in the Angle, but also to steal that which is not rightfully theirs. Before the night is over they will take everything you hold dear and force you into a quest more perilous than anything you ever imagined.

Set in the magical fantasy realm of Yarnia, Malice From the Middle Vale is the first of the Scythe-Bearer gamebook Trilogy in which you become the master of your own destiny and decide how the story unfolds.

The Woven Path series explores the mythical land of Yarnia. Requiring nothing more than you, a pencil, an eraser and a calculator, strike out in the role of Scythe Bearer of Breetun and explore the sprawling realm of Yarnia.


Žánr: gamebook, fantasy
Autor: David Sharrock
Překlad: Vojta Žák
Ilustrace: Johan Tieldow, Jeffrey Thompson. David Sharrock
Cover: Vladislav Gonciar
Počet stran: